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In 2020, CONTRAST expanded PRODENT nationally across the U.S. from their New York HQ targeting Dental DSO’s & Groups hiring Dentists & Specialists, supported by a Website, Blog, Social Media, Digital Lead Gen and Sales Enablement for the new VP Sales based in Arizona.


In 2020, PRODENT engaged CONTRAST to help expand nationally across the U.S. from their New York HQ to meet the growing Dentist and Specialist needs for the expanding Dental DSO’s and Groups, plus support the new VP Sales, Bryan Duncan, who was based in Arizona.


  1. Persuasive Content Creation powers effective PRODENT messaging and a digital presence that breaks through the noise and attracts target Clients to ask for help from B2B Sales.
  2. Digital Lead Traffic Generation using the new PRODENT platforms & gaming techniques to level up & optimize SEM, ABM/Email, PPC Ads, SEO, Social Media and Industry Networks.
  3. Website Lead Capture Optimization using the new PRODENT Website and Lead Forms integrated with Salesforce CRM and Pardot Marketing systems for tracking & analytics.
  4. Data Science Quality & ROI Optimization using Multivariate Tests, Quality Segmentation, Lifetime Value, and new critical MQL Volume, Quality and ROI Spending Mix optimization.
  5. Sales Enablement to showcase PRODENT’s B2B Sales Thought Leadership through better packaged Proposals & RFP’s, Kick-Offs, Training, Case Studies, Insight Blogs and Videos.

Bryan Duncan, VP Sales, Prodent Search


  • PRODENT Successfully Expanded Nationally from its New York HQ in November 2020.
  • Digital Lead Gen started in January 2021 using proven Family Firm start-up best practices.
  • $7.7M Revenue MQL Growth in the first 10 months after January 2021 start-up launch.
  • 53% Tier 1/2 Revenue MQL Quality (DSO/Group Multi-Hires and Specialists) and 95% in U.S.
  • 16.7x Better MQL Spend ROI (-94% ¢/$ cost) versus projected for premium Tier 1/2 targets.

“CONTRAST’s expansion from our New York HQ has been a fantastic success in building national awareness and driving lots of Dental DSO, Group and Practice leads hiring Dentists & Specialists.”

April Dojcak, Dental Practice Lead, Prodent Search

“Expanding PRODENT nationally has accelerated Digital Lead Gen presence, MQL volume, quality and ROI with our 5 proven Lead Gen Revenue & ROI drivers to achieve amazing revenue growth.”

Valerie Husky, Digital Lead Gen Director, Contrast Digital

“I’m very pleased with the results CONTRAST has delivered so far, and we have shifted to expand our Sales and Recruiting teams to deliver our Dental Client demand for Dentists & Specialists.”

Eliot Burdett, Co-ownder & President, Prodent Search

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