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CONTRAST launched a new Human Resources focused executive search start-up in fall 2021 branded CPO TALENT including: branding/logo, website/messaging, social media, digital announcement, digital lead gen, tracking/optimization and Sales collateral, blogs & videos.


In 2021, PEAK engaged CONTRAST to help create a new Human Resources focused executive search start-up for a new team of specialists led by John Pezoulas which was branded CPO TALENT after an extensive competitive market analysis and was set to launch in fall 2021.


  1. Persuasive Content Creation to launch CPO TALENT with brand name/logo, positioning & messaging, and digital content for the new website, social media and B2B Sales collateral.
  2. Digital Lead Traffic Generationusing adapted PEAK EXEC platforms & gaming techniques to start-up & optimize SEM, ABM/Email, PPC Ads, SEO, Social Media and Industry Networks.
  3. Website Lead Capture Optimization using the New CPO TALENT Website and Lead Forms integrated with Google Analytics and Salesforce/Pardot systems for tracking & analytics.
  4. Data Science Quality & ROI Optimization for Top #1/#2 Tier Premium Quality Segments using Multivariate Testing and adapted ROI Lead Gen Mix best practices from PEAK EXEC.
  5. Sales Enablement Collateral, Blogs & Videos to sell CPO TALENT’s B2B Sales Team Expertise and Proven Structured, Rigorous and Scientific Process to find top CPO’S/CHRO’s.

John Pezoulas, Managing Director, CPO Talent


  • CPO Talent Launched in October 2021 after accelerated 6-week mvp start-up development.
  • Digital Lead Gen started in October 2021 using proven Family Firm start-up best practices.
  • TBD $ Revenue MQL Growth (Just Launched).
  • TBD $ Revenue MQL Quality (Just Launched).
  • TBD MQL Spend ¢/$ ROI (Just Launched).

“We decided to expand into HR Executive Search building off our other Family Firm successes for Sales, Marketing and Finance. And as always, CONTRAST moved fast to get us in market asap.”

Brent Thomson, Co-owner & Eastern Partner, CPO Talent

“We don’t normally develop a B2B Sales start-up in 6 weeks, but we took advantage of various accelerators and best practices we’ve used recently for our other Family Firm start-ups.”

Wallis Stagg, Sales & Marketing Director, Contrast Digital

“My team and I are excited to get in market so quickly in 6 weeks thanks to CONTRAST’s proven Family Firm start-up best practices. We’re now open for Clients looking to hire HR Executives.”

John Pezoulas, Managing Director, CPO Talent

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