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We started Digital Lead Gen in 2006 for our PEAK B2B Sales team. In 2017 we leveled up our expertise to deliver better quality Revenue MQL’s with superior ROI for our 10 Family Firms. Now we’re expanding outside our Family Firms to serve more fast growth B2B Sales Clients.


In 2021, CONTRAST decided to expand beyond their 10 fast growth Family Firms to start helping other B2B Sales teams with their Digital Lead Gen needs as many of PEAK’s, IGNITE’s and APEX’s Sales & Marketing Clients were asking for Digital Marketing & Lead Gen support.


  1. Persuasive Content Creation powers effective messaging and a digital presence that breaks through the noise and finds & attracts target Clients to seek help from B2B Sales.
  2. Digital Lead Traffic Generation using upgraded platforms and gaming techniques to level up and optimize SEM, ABM/Email, PPC Ads, SEO, Social Media and Industry Networks.
  3. Website Lead Capture Optimization using upgraded Website Forms, Chatbots and Apps integrated with Salesforce/Pardot or similar platforms for advanced tracking & analytics.
  4. Data Science Quality & ROI Optimization using Multivariate Tests, Quality Segmentation, Lifetime Value, NPS and critical MQL Volume, Quality and ROI Spending Mix optimization.
  5. Sales Enablement to showcase B2B Sales Teams and Thought Leadership through better packaged Proposals & RFP’s, Kick-Offs, Training, Case Studies, Insight Blogs and Videos.

Jamie McClelland, Co-ownder & CMO, Contrast Digital


  • +$65,000,000 New Revenue MQL Growth run-rate in 2021.
  • +2,400 New Premium Fast Growth B2B Sales Client MQL run-rate in 2021.
  • 3.5 ¢/$ Revenue MQL ROI run-rate in 2021 targeting premium fast growth B2B Sales Clients.
  • More International B2B Sales Clients from Canada, UK/Europe & Asia expanding in the U.S.
  • More Fast Growth Clients in Software, Technology, Services, Industrial and Manufacturing.

“In 2021, we decided to offer CONTRAST DIGITAL Lead Gen and Data Science expertise to our B2B Sales Clients from our 10 Family Firms to help them accelerate their own Revenue growth.”

Eliot Burdett, Co-owner & CEO, Contrast Digital

“CONTRAST DIGITAL will continue to focus on what matters most – testing & optimizing our 5 proven Lead Gen Revenue & ROI drivers to help our B2B Sales Clients accelerate their growth.”

Valerie Husky, Digital Lead Gen Director, Contrast Digita

“Beyond our Client Needs Assessment, we start with a quick mvp Lead Gen Proof-Of-Concept Test to get market feedback & optimize results asap before we shift to scale-up our successful tests.”

Wallis Stagg, Sales & Marketing Director, Contrast Digital

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