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CONTRAST has focused on PEAK’s Target Account Sales Team efforts for larger, custom, multi-hire Enterprise and RPO deals since 2017, accelerating growth from $0 to $27M+ MQL’s in 5 years from Clients like ServiceNow, OYO, Frontier, J.B. Hunt and CompuCom.


In 2019, PEAK engaged CONTRAST in a strategic competitive positioning exercise that led to the Enterprise and RPO scale-up launch in 2020 building off Target Account Sales successes. While some drivers were delayed in 2020/2021, this is a top priority for 2022 and beyond.


  1. Persuasive Content Creation powers PEAK Enterprise & RPO outsourcing messaging that attracts larger, custom, multi-hire Clients through Digital Lead Gen & Target Account Sales.
  2. Digital Lead Traffic Generation using upgraded PEAK platforms and gaming techniques to level up & optimize SEM, ABM/Email, PPC Ads, SEO, Social Media and Industry Networks.
  3. Website Lead Capture Optimization using upgraded PEAK Website Forms & Chatbots integrated with Salesforce CRM and Pardot Marketing systems for tracking & analytics.
  4. Data Science Quality & ROI Optimization using Multivariate Tests, Quality Segmentation, Lifetime Value, and new critical MQL Volume, Quality and ROI Spending Mix optimization.
  5. Sales Enablement to showcase PEAK’s Target Account Sales Thought Leadership through custom outsourcing Proposals & RFP’s, Kick-Offs, Training, Case Studies, Blogs and Videos.

Chris Donnelly, VP Sales, Peak Sales Recruiting


  • +$27M Revenue MQL Growth scale-up from $0 in the past 5 years (2017 to end of 2021).
  • 2.9x $/Lead MQL Quality scale-up from premium hires & larger multi-hire Client deals.
  • 2.4x Better MQL Spend ROI (-60% ¢/$ cost) from Data Science quality & mix optimization.
  • More International Clients from Canada, UK/Europe and Asia expanding in the U.S.
  • More Fast Growth Clients in Software, Technology, Services, Industrial and Manufacturing.

“We’ve refined our recruiting for larger, custom, multi-hire Enterprise & RPO Clients to become a better outsourcing partner with the best global Sales talent & unique competitive intelligence.”

Kyle Fletcher, VP Sales Search, Peak Sales Recruiting

“Target Account Sales initiative has been a successful partnership working with CONTRAST’s $27M digital leads and Recruiting for custom outsourcing tailored to fit each unique Client.”

Jamie McCelland, CMO & Board Advisor, Peak Sales Recruiting

“We have not fully achieved my Target Account Sales growth vision for recurring revenue, but we have proven our CONTRAST, Sales and Recruiting partnership delivers our large Client promises.”

Brent Thomson, CEO, Peak Sales Recruiting

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