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As 2021 ends, CONTRAST is on track to exceed all their 5-year stretch goals for PEAK EXEC including 15.2x #1 Tier MQL Revenue Growth, 4.5x #1 Tier % of Total MQL Quality and +++ Better #1 Tier MQL ¢/$ ROI behind a quality focus on all 5 Lead Gen Revenue & ROI drivers.


In 2017, after 11 years of Sales Executive Search success, CONTRAST’s data science analysis identified Revenue & ROI growth accelerators to achieve a new 5-year stretch goal including creating a separate boutique division to focus on this premium quality segment in 2020.


  1. Persuasive Content Creation focused on premium quality PEAK EXEC messaging & digital thought leadership targeting Executives & Boards for these Tier 1 Heads of Sales Leaders.
  2. Digital Lead Traffic Generation using upgraded PEAK platforms and gaming techniques to level up & optimize SEM, ABM/Email, PPC Ads, SEO, Social Media and Industry Networks.
  3. Website Lead Capture Optimization for New PEAK EXEC Boutique Website and premium service messaging integrated with Salesforce & Pardot systems for tracking & analytics.
  4. Data Science Quality & ROI Optimization for PEAK EXEC’s Top Tier 1/2 Quality Segments using Multivariate Testing, Lifetime Revenue Value/ROI, and Spending Mix optimization.
  5. Sales Enablement to sell PEAK EXEC’s premium B2B Sales & Delivery Team Expertise and Proven Structured, Rigorous and Scientific Process to find & attract these top Sales Leaders.

Brent Thomson, CEO, Peak Sales Executive Search


  • 15.2x Tier 1 $ Revenue MQL Growth scale-up in the past 5 years (2017 to end of 2021).
  • 4.5x Tier 1 MQL Quality % of Total scale-up from skewing more to #1 Tier Heads of Sales.
  • +++ Better Tier 1 MQL Spend ROI from more $/hire, Sales deals and Future Revenues.
  • More International Clients from Canada, UK/Europe and Asia expanding in the U.S.
  • More Fast Growth Clients in Software, Technology, Services, Industrial and Manufacturing.

“I’m most passionate about selling our premium PEAK EXEC offer to help fast growth Clients hire innovative Sales Leaders who will create winning Sales teams and accelerate Revenue growth.”

Chris Donnelly, VP Sales, Peak Sales Executive Search

“Data Science confirmed PEAK EXEC’s potential, but the real fun was making it happen including the new boutique website and focus on premium lead gen to accelerate Revenue and ROI growth”.

Valerie Husky, Digital Lead Gen Director, Contrast Digital

“With the explosion of new Clients from Sales & CONTRAST, we’ve refined our proven PEAK EXEC process to find & attract hidden Sales Leaders & scientifically confirm their profile & cultural fit”

Kyle Fletcher, VP Sales Search, Peak Sales Executive Search

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